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These beers will match your Christmas dinner!

If you are reading this, you are a beerlover by heart. Somehow during Christmas people think that only wine can be drunk while having dinner. However, this is not true at all. We will list a few examples of beer and food matches. Just remember that there are no rules, just a few guidelines that will make your dish taste even better.

Fish and turkey/chicken

Are you having fish for dinner? Salmon for example? Match a light and refreshing beer with this with a slightly sour taste, such as saison or a pale lager. This will complement the slightly smoked taste of the fish perfectly. When having turkey or chicken, we would also go for a spicy saison. The spiciness and the yeasty depth will add even more flavor to your chicken or turkey.

Raw meats

Whenever you are having raw meats, we would recommend you have a blonde or a wheat beer. These are not to heavy and go well with these types of dishes.

Roasted meats and vegetables

Enjoying a tender steak? Go for a porter or stout. The taste of roasted malts will go perfect with the roasted taste of the meats. The same goes for roasted vegetables of course. Fruity stouts (such as cranberry stouts) can also be a great addition to your meat dish. Think of the dark and robust feel of the stout combined with fruitiness and the tenderness of the meat… we’re in heaven.

Last but not least: beer makes the perfect dessert. Go for whatever kind of beer you feel like having while (or after) eating this dish and enjoy it! For example, an IPA can be mouthwatering when combined with a carrot cake.

The most important thing while matching beers with your dinner is to keep in mind what type of dish is being served. Don’t have a stout with a goat’s cheese salad – a cherry beer will blow you away.

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