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Going on a holiday? Read our tips in advance!

Better prepared than sorry… don’t miss a beer beat!

Whether you’re staying in Europe for winter sports or crossing the continent, good beer can be found everywhere. We recommend you to check out the application ‘Untappd’ to find verified venues and trending locations in your surroundings. We are certain that you’ll find a spot that you’ll like! You can also go on to find a brewery in your area.

If you want to make sure that you won’t miss a beer beat, there are a few items you should pack on your next trip. We’ll list them below.

  1. A tool to open your beer
    A keychain bottle opener will probably do the trick most of the time. Take it to the beach and enjoy a beer while the sun strokes your head.
  2. Growlers and a cooler
    This is probably more important if you’re traveling by car. Taking a road trip to your next summer destination is better with cooled beer.
  3. Sealable plastic bags and bubble wrap
    If you travel by plane, you can still take some unique beers from your holiday destination with you back home. Make sure that you pack the beers in a bubble wrap and sealable bag to keep them whole.
  4. Cash
    Believe it or not… some small businesses might not be able to accept creditcards or maestro’s. Don’t miss out on a good beer, just because you didn’t have any paper money on you.
  5. Cards and games
    What better way to enjoy a good beer then over some games? If you’re going on a holiday with your family and you have find a brewery you’d like to visit, this might just be the way to convince them that it’s perfect for some family time.

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