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How to pair your BBQ with beer?

Everybody loves to BBQ and drink beers in the summer, but which beers suits the BBQ? Let’s dive into the world of food-paring.

Of course, most people love to drink white beers in summer, so this is the first style that suits your BBQ.

Salads are mostly served alongside a BBQ. This is where ‘Weizen’ has a seat at your BBQ table. Saisons and farmhouse ales are tasty to pair with your BBQ because of the taste that has a lot of herbs and flower in it, combined with the bitter aftertaste.

Rauchbeer and smoked beer are other styles that can be combined perfectly at your BBQ. These go very well with roasted meats or vegetables to make the taste of both come forward. Are you having fish on your BBQ? Try a blond beer.

At last, the BBQ is not a BBQ if we don’t have a dessert. Try a sweet roasted stout with some chocolate cake or try your delicious ice cream with fresh fruit paired with a fruit beer.

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