“Beer, it’s the best damn drink in the world.” – Jack Nicholson

Straffe Hendrik Brugs Quadrupel Bier 11°

Belgian Quad € 3,50
11.0% ABV - 35.0 IBU - Brouwerij De Halve Maan, Brugge, West-Vlaanderen
Straffe Hendrik Quadrupel, launched in 2010, is an intense beer, dark in colour and full in taste. The aroma is elegant, spicy and slightly roasted. The sophisticated blend of special kinds of malt give the beer a complex character, combining a delicate dryness with hints of coriander, dark fruits, anise and roasted chestnuts. The palate finishes in a syrupy taste. The refermentation in the bottle creates a living beer that will evolve over the years. Straffe Hendrik Quadrupel finds an excellent partner in chocolate when it comes to foodpairing.

Porter Baltique

Porter - Baltic € 4,75
10.0% ABV - 27.0 IBU - LTM - Les Trois Mousquetaires, Brossard, QC
*** THIS IS FOR THE REGULAR VERSION ONLY. IF YOU SEE "EDITION SPECIALE" ON THE LABEL, YOU HAVE THE BARREL-AGED VERSION AND YOU SHOULD DO THE CHECK-IN UNDER EDITION SPECIALE 2015. *** Lager noire forte inspirée des Porters de la région de la Mer Baltique. Strong dark lager inspired from Porters found around the Baltic Sea region.

Pistols At Dawn

Stout - American € 4,20
9.0% ABV - 50.0 IBU - Lonerider Brewing Company, Raleigh, NC
Brewed with cocoa nibs and coffee

The Pure and Simple IPA Is Rarely Pure and Never Simple

IPA - Session / India Session Ale € 4,65
4.5% ABV - 0.0 IBU - Evil Twin Brewing, Brooklyn, NY
Double Dry Hopped Session IPA

Centennial IPA

IPA - American € 3,75
7.2% ABV - 65.0 IBU - Founders Brewing Co., Grand Rapids, MI
Bask in the head’s floral bouquet. Relish citrus accents from dry hopping. Sweet, yet balanced, with a finish that never turns too bitter.


Pilsner - Other € 1,75
5.1% ABV - 21.0 IBU - Hertog Jan, Arcen, Limburg
Hertog Jan Pilsener has been made with love for beer from soft water from the Eiffel and the Ardennes and carefully selected hops and malts. This makes Hertog Jan Pilsener a firm, golden blonde beer. With a nice, dense head, a full flavor and a pleasantly bitter aftertaste.

Viognier Saison

Saison / Farmhouse Ale € 6,00
5.0% ABV - 0.0 IBU - Lompoc Brewing, Portland, OR

What If Hop Was One of Us?

Sour - Ale € 3,45
4.5% ABV - 30.0 IBU - Jopen, Haarlem, Noord-Holland
This Hoppy Sour is brewed with Saccharomyces Bruxellensis Trois yeast, which imparts fruit aromas. Very refreshing with a distinct hoppy profile and lots of fruity notes such as melon, apricot, peach and a hint of grapefruit.

Vintage Ale 2017

Strong Ale - English € 4,20
9.2% ABV - 58.0 IBU - Fortnight Brewing and Pub, Cary, NC

Fall of Troy

IPA - Milkshake € 4,45
8.8% ABV - 0.0 IBU - Belching Beaver Brewery, Oceanside, CA
IIPA w/ Orange and Vanilla

Thai Thai

Belgian Tripel € 3,15
8.0% ABV - 20.0 IBU - Oedipus Brewing, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland
In our effort to make a tripel a bit more exciting than most examples out there, we decided to spice it like a Thai dish. Lemongrass, Galangal root, coriander, orange peel and chilli pepper blend in with some exotic latehops in this tripel.


Sour - Fruited € 4,50
6.0% ABV - 15.0 IBU - Upland Brewing Company, Bloomington, IN
Iridescent is an American sour ale that's truly the unique result of our brewers' experimentation with different combinations of dried fruits and spices and feedback from our customers and staff. Dried apricot and ginger were aged on our blonde sour base ale in wine barrels for 3-4 months to create this refreshing sour ale with aromas of apricot and ginger, followed by tart, tropical flavors.

Evil Brute

IPA - Brut € 5,10
6.2% ABV - 0.0 IBU - Heretic Brewing Company, Fairfield, CA
Collaboration w/ Bryggus

Grand Prestige (2018)

Barleywine - Other € 2,80
10.0% ABV - 25.0 IBU - Hertog Jan, Arcen, Limburg

London Porter

Porter - English € 3,00
6.5% ABV - 0.0 IBU - Meantime Brewing Company, City of London, London
Porter was the great London beer style of the 18th and 19th centuries, when the city was revered as both the brewing capital and trading hub of the world. Named after the legions of porters in her docks, streets and markets who drank this powerful beer to slake their thirst, Meantime London Porter is a classic interpretation of this complex dark beer style. Wonderful with mature cheese, beef, lamb, or as traditionally served, with oysters.

Blushing Monk

Fruit Beer € 4,50
9.2% ABV - 20.0 IBU - Founders Brewing Co., Grand Rapids, MI
Blushing Monk is brewed with a ridiculous amount of raspberries and with a Belgian yeast strain that keeps our head cellar operator from sleeping for a week. It pours a stunning deep berry red and, at 9.2% ABV, has a surprising kick. The perfect dessert beer, it can be enjoyed on its own or paired with fresh cheeses, fruit, cakes and more.


IPA - Brut € 3,75
6.0% ABV - 20.0 IBU - BrewDog, Ellon, Aberdeenshire
A sophisticated Brut. Pours vibrant pale yellowy-orange. Tropical fruit on the nose. Lemon citrus, white grapes and floral notes with a big juicy mango hit and a deft touch of spice. Delivered Sahara dry with Champagne-like effervescence. Mango Brut IPA - May the Fizz be with you. A Fanzine Beer.

Abstrakt AB:26

Stout - Imperial / Double € 5,70
11.5% ABV - 35.0 IBU - BrewDog, Ellon, Aberdeenshire
Our second Abstrakt release of 2018 comes in the form of an intense bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout, with none other than Uncle Duke's. At 11.5% and with 6 months spent in bourbon barrels, it has resurfaced as a smouldering but gentle beast with layers of flavour. This beer is enkindled with the sweet notes of molasses, rich dark chocolate and campfire coffee giving whisps of smoke and charred wood followed by a warming bourbon finish.


Stout - American Imperial / Double € 5,70
13.0% ABV - 65.0 IBU - Prairie Artisan Ales, Krebs, OK
Bomb! is an imperial stout aged on Nordaggio's espresso beans, chocolate, vanilla beans, and ancho chile peppers. All the flavors meld to create a truly unique beer. The peppers add just the right amount of heat to complement the intense coffee and chocolate flavors.

Chula Pils

Pilsner - German € 2,85
5.0% ABV - 30.0 IBU - Novo Brazil Brewing, Chula Vista, CA
Named after the city of Chula Vista, where this beer was born, we introduce this crisp, refreshing, yet full bodied pilsner. Dry hopped with cascade hops to keep it's Southern California style, this beer makes a perfect companion for any occasion.

Orange Is the New Blonde Ale

Blonde Ale € 2,25
3.0% ABV - 17.0 IBU - Kompaan Bier / Brouwerij Kompaan, Den Haag, Zuid-Holland

Spring Blossom Pale Ale

IPA - English € 3,45
6.0% ABV - 50.0 IBU - Brouwerij Kees, Middelburg, Zeeland
A breeze of hoppiness in your glass!

Mallow Martian

Stout - Imperial Milk / Sweet € 3,75
10.5% ABV - 50.0 IBU - BrewDog, Ellon, Aberdeenshire
A dark as a lunar eclipse and as big as a planet, this stout means business. Vanilla and caramel on the nose gives way to a black hole of flavour. Layers of toasty marshmallow, vanilla and nutty caramelised sugar orbit a biscuity base. The milk sugar sweetness is deftly balanced by cocoa nib bitterness.

Binnenkort verkrijgbaar

Ketter Imperial Smoked Port

Smoked Beer
8.5% ABV - 0.0 IBU - Baxbier, Groningen, Groningen
Ketter is een Imperial Smoked Porter. Vergelijkbaar met Koud Vuur, maar dan gebrouwen met meer gerookte mouten, wat resulteert in een bier met meer alcohol, een vollere smaak en nog meer rook aroma.

Mokum Oatum

Stout - Oatmeal
4.1% ABV - 36.0 IBU - Poesiat & Kater, Amsterdam
From the minds of Brouwerij Poesiat & Kater and Bruut comes a collaboration for our 1st Annual Poesiat & Kater Stout Fest. the idea was to brew a light, easy drinking Stout using almost 40% Oats. Easy drinking it definitely is with its smooth mouth-feel and light chocolate and caramel flavors but easy brewing it wasn’t. Due to the extreme amount of oats in the mash we had to take some extraordinary preventive measures but luckily we made it through it alive and with a Stout that let’s you know what Oats can really do.

Big Bad Baptist

Stout - American Imperial / Double
12.1% ABV - 65.0 IBU - Epic Brewing Co. (Utah, Colorado), Salt Lake City, UT
Stout with cocoa nibs and coffee added and aged in whiskey barrels

Madrugada Obscura - Dark Da

Stout - American
8.1% ABV - 0.0 IBU - Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales, Dexter, MI
A Belgian inspired stout that is as dark as a moonless midnight, brimming of roasted malts and bitter hops. It will keep you good company in all places, be thay light or dark.

Son of A Baptist

Stout - Imperial / Double
8.0% ABV - 60.0 IBU - Epic Brewing Co. (Utah, Colorado), Salt Lake City, UT
Son of a Baptist is an 8% ABV imperial stout. It is not barrel aged like its father, Big Bad Baptist; instead its flavor profile was designed to highlight the complex and often unique flavors of small batch coffees. Instead of sourcing a coffee that would play well in a beer we sought out creative and innovative roasters, then asked them which beans they’re passionate about. Each resulting release of Son of a Baptist is widely different depending on the coffee selected. Some are fruity and sweet with notes of jam and chocolate, others are rich and earthy with a big roasted finish. Each limited release is numbered and stamped. The corresponding details and tasting notes can be found on our website. Each release will return to the Roaster’s home market where the beer and the coffee can be sampled side by side.

Ninja vs. Unicorn

IPA - Imperial / Double
8.0% ABV - 150.0 IBU - Pipeworks Brewing Company, Chicago, IL
Ninja Vs. Unicorn celebrates the epic battle between two of the biggest hop-heads of lore. Brewed with over five pounds of hops per barrel, this unfiltered double IPA is sure to please the most discerning hop lover. Whether you're rooting for the mythical horned horse or the deadly assassin of the east, we hope you'll enjoy Ninja Vs. Unicorn.

Flying Buffalo XX Coffee XX

Stout - Imperial / Double
14.0% ABV - 0.0 IBU - Griffin Claw Brewing Company, Birmingham, MI

Spring Break

Pale Ale - American
4.5% ABV - 28.0 IBU - Kompaan Bier / Brouwerij Kompaan, Den Haag, Zuid-Holland
You need a break, you deserve a break! We leave the winter behind us and dash right in to spring with the Kompaan Spring Break. A sunny and tropical pale ale which pairs perfectly with a mild spring temperature, newborn flowers and rays of sunshine!

Big Bad Baptista

Stout - American Imperial / Double
11.7% ABV - 65.0 IBU - Epic Brewing Co. (Utah, Colorado), Salt Lake City, UT
Big Bad Baptista is inspired by traditional Mexican coffee, Café de Olla, which is served with cinnamon and piloncillo, an unrefined sugar. The Cinnamon adds another layer of complexity and accentuates the earthy character of Mexican Coffee, but more importantly, it captures the essence of a place and its culture.

Triple Barrel Big Bad Bapti

Stout - American Imperial / Double
12.7% ABV - 65.0 IBU - Epic Brewing Co. (Utah, Colorado), Salt Lake City, UT
Imperial stout aged in Whiskey & Rum barrels with cocao nibs, barrel aged coffee, & barrel aged coconut added.


Stout - American Imperial / Double
12.0% ABV - 40.0 IBU - Heretic Brewing Company, Fairfield, CA
Heretic IMP (Empire) aged in Bourbon Barrels.

Toasted Coconut Chocolate P

Porter - American
6.2% ABV - 24.0 IBU - Caldera Brewing Company, Ashland, OR

Kihei Snow

Stout - American
7.5% ABV - 0.0 IBU - Caldera Brewing Company, Ashland, OR
Burnt coconut toasted cane sugar stout. Ash from cane harvesting falls on kihei like snow


Sour - Farmhouse IPA
Sour IPA with milk sugar & vanilla. Dry hopped with Citra & Mosaic. - ABV: 6.0 % OG: 17.1 P - Yeast: London Ale III Contains: Water, Barley Malt, Wheat Malt, Hops, Malt Extract, Lactose, Yeast, Natural Vanilla Bean Extract, Lactobacillus

Beyond The Zero

IPA - Brut
This Brut IPA is dry-hopped with Idaho 7 & Vic Secret, and was brewed with Muted Horn's team especially for Muted Horn's 2nd anniversary.
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