“Beer, it’s the best damn drink in the world.” – Jack Nicholson

Strawberry Rhubarb

Sour - Other
6.4% ABV - 12.0 IBU - Great Divide Brewing Company, Denver, CO
Strawberry Rhubarb Sour is a gift for the senses. Strawberry is the yin to rhubarb’s yang—the sweet to the tart. This beautiful partnership creates a beer that glows ruby in the glass, bursts with strawberry aroma, and bites with every sip. Bright and effervescent, this sour is a fun and refreshing, lip-puckering treat perfect for every occasion, any time of the year.

Best Quad In the World V0.1

Belgian Quadrupel
10.0% ABV - 0.0 IBU - Van Moll, Eindhoven, Noord-Brabant
The ongoing search for the best quadrupel in the world. This first version is made with copious amounts of muscovado sugar, Falconer's Flight hops and a blend of Rochefort, Chimay and Chouffe yeast.

Old Friends

Farmhouse Ale - Saison
0.0% ABV - 0.0 IBU - Lompoc Brewing, Portland, OR

The Order

Belgian Strong Dark Ale
10.6% ABV - 0.0 IBU - The Bruery, Placentia, CA
Monastic breweries wrote the book on complex ales that weave notes of dark fruits, spices, caramelized character and warmth into each sip. The Order summons that tradition and adds local inspiration. Our darkening, Belgian-inspired abbey ale features dark-fruited character from dates, Belgian-style sugars and subtle spicing from coriander, which compliments the Belgian yeast esters.

Abominable Winter Ale

Winter Ale
7.3% ABV - 70.0 IBU - Hopworks Urban Brewery, Portland, OR
This mythological beer emerges from the depths of our brewery every winter. Made with organic Northwest hops and organic malt, Abominable has a complex floral, spicy, and citrus hoppiness backed up by just the right amount of malt sweetness. Don’t turn your back on the beast!

Lomporter 2019

Porter - American
0.0% ABV - 0.0 IBU - Lompoc Brewing, Portland, OR


Pale Ale - Milkshake
6.8% ABV - 25.0 IBU - Bakunin Brewing Co., Saint Petersburg, Санкт-Петербург
For us, the difference between winter and spring is that, once March comes around, time seems to go faster. Each new day evokes a dizzying sprint race, and you find yourself chasing more and more things to do. But until all that insanity begins, dragging along the young and young at heart, we invite everyone to stop in and open a can of fresh tart ale. Lola is a gentle, lactose tart pale ale with oatmeal thrown in for a healthy breakfast. In anticipation of the bloom we’ll see in the coming days, we’ve filled it with bright raspberry juice and tropical passion fruit puree. It all adds up to a rich aroma, a powerful fruit flavour and a flirty sour taste with a hint of tartness. The lust of summer with a relaxed juiciness.

Steep Coast Zappa

IPA - Imperial / Double
8.0% ABV - 0.0 IBU - Oskar Blues Brewery, Longmont, CO

Call the Hops

IPA - New England
6.0% ABV - 68.0 IBU - Fortnight Brewing and Pub, Cary, NC
This beer needs to be locked up. Wanted for the theft of prized Mosaic, Citra and the most valuable Amarillo hops from the Fortnight hop security vault as well as numerous other serious crimes against taste buds. On the run from the law, known to be armed to the teeth with flavor and has a tendency to jump out of refrigerators. Fortnight has issued this warning: Be vigilant, be careful, Be warned! A criminally delicious and juicy New England style IPA.

Meesterstuk 2019

Traditional Ale
10.0% ABV - 35.0 IBU - Jopen, Haarlem, Noord-Holland
For this years Saint Martinsday we have brewed a Doppelsticke with Pine tops. Each year a different brew is created to honour the old tradition of making a masterpiece to join the guild. In Haarlem the brewers guild was named after Saint Martin, therefor we brew a special brew each year round 11 November to honour the old brewing rituals.

Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale

Strong Ale - American
8.19% ABV - 19.0 IBU - Lexington Brewing & Distilling Co., Lexington, KY
Award-winning Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale® is a unique sipping beer with the distinctive nose of well-crafted bourbon. Aged for up to six weeks in freshly decanted bourbon barrels from some of Kentucky’s finest distilleries, subtle yet familiar flavors of vanilla and oak are imparted to this special ale as it rests in the charred barrels. Pleasantly smooth and robust, it may also be served as an aperitif or after-dinner drink. Launched in 2006, it has grown to become the flagship beer of the premier name in barrel-aged beers: Alltech Lexington Brewing & Distilling Company. PAIRING SUGGESTIONS — Rich spicy foods like barbecued beef, Oaxacan mole, or hearty Szechuan dishes. Great with buttery, well-aged cheddar. Pairs with desserts like milk chocolate, cream puffs; try it as a float with vanilla or caramel ice cream. Hops: Fuggles, East Kent Goldings Malts: 2 Row Pale, Caramel 40, Aromatic Malt, Carapils, Malted Wheat Tasting Notes: Oak, Vanilla, Caramel, Toffee

Hyper Oblivious

Wheat Wine
9.0% ABV - 0.0 IBU - Griffin Claw Brewing Company, Birmingham, MI
Our Oblivious Wheat Wine and coffee beans aged in bourbon barrels for nine months!

Brewer's Reserve Bourbon Ba

Belgian Quadrupel
11.9% ABV - 26.0 IBU - Central Waters Brewing Company, Amherst, WI
Barrel aged Quad is brewed in the spirit of collaboration. We combine traditional techniques and ingredients like Belgian candi sugar with American innovation and experimentation by the use of bourbon barrels. Our Quad is amazingly balanced and smooth while maintaining the dark fruit notes that are the trademark of the style.

Survival Stout

Stout - Other
5.8% ABV - 35.0 IBU - Hopworks Urban Brewery, Portland, OR
Coffee Stout

Kerel - Kaishaku

Strong Ale - American
15.0% ABV - 28.0 IBU - VBDCK - Verbeeck-Back-De Cock,
This one will chop your head off ! We used a special yeast to make it possible to have high ABV. Try it once and if you survive, you will be back for more !

Bumps Ahead

Barleywine - American
10.0% ABV - 0.0 IBU - De Moersleutel, Alkmaar, Noord-Holland
Dry hopped barley wine

Нуар (Noir)

Stout - Milk / Sweet
4.5% ABV - 14.0 IBU - Bakunin Brewing Co., Saint Petersburg, Санкт-Петербург
An unobtrusive milk stout, not unlike Hollywood detectives from the mid-20th century, with a charm brought out with the taut reserve of coconut shavings. Toting a classic, creamy smoothness with notes of chocolate, tropical nuts and the unsuspecting, restrained power and bitterness of burnt malts.


Scotch Ale / Wee Heavy
6.9% ABV - 0.0 IBU - Aviator Brewing Company, Fuquay Varina, NC
This Scotch Ale is Malt Forward with warm Toffee notes and a hint of smokiness. Brewed in collaboration with the H.A.L.F. Home Brew Club.

Sori Not Sorry - Part II

IPA - New England
6.5% ABV - 40.0 IBU - Sori Brewing, Tallinn, Harjumaa
Sori - not sorry - now revisited. Hopped enormously with Citra, Mosaic, Ekuanot and Simcoe. A true New England IPA brewed to hazy perfection. Putting our skills together with one of the best breweries in Holland, this will be truly epic.

Soul Style

IPA - American
6.5% ABV - 75.0 IBU - Green Flash Brewing Company, San Diego, CA
Confident that the brewing team would develop an outstanding single IPA, the name “Soul Style” refers to the grace of the rarely seen, soul style surfer who leans way back on the board, making each difficult maneuver appear effortless. Soul Style is the Green Flash approach the art of crafting the perfect IPA. Citra, Simcoe and Cascade hops are layered to allow bright tropical citrus to mingle with waves of floral notes that break gently on the palate.

Bloedbroeder B.A. Whiskey B

Stout - Russian Imperial
9.1% ABV - 62.0 IBU - Kompaan Bier / Brouwerij Kompaan, Den Haag, Zuid-Holland

Red Maniac

Chilli / Chile Beer
6.8% ABV - 70.0 IBU - Bakunin Brewing Co., Saint Petersburg, Санкт-Петербург
Collaboration with Redman`s Kitchen - Chili IPA brewed with Bird`s Eye pepper and hopped with Columbus, Simcoe and Citra.

Honcho Hefe

5.0% ABV - 13.0 IBU - Mother Earth Brewing Company, Vista, CA
Fusing the attributes of a traditional German-style Hefeweizen and an American wheat beer, we leave this beer unfiltered, however the yeast profile is slightly muted when compared to its Bavarian counterparts. Our rendition is very balanced and very easy to drink, but there is enough there to satisfy true-to-style wheat beer enthusiasts. Whirlpooled with dried orange peel.

Curmudgeon's Better Half

Old Ale
12.7% ABV - 45.0 IBU - Founders Brewing Co., Grand Rapids, MI
Curmudgeon is an old ale brewed with molasses and aged on oak; it becomes Better Half after aging—for 254 days—in bourbon barrels that have more recently been aging Michigan maple syrup. As a result, Curmudgeon’s Better Half is a bit sweeter than her miserly counterpart.

Cabin Fever

Traditional Ale
4.0% ABV - 0.0 IBU - Olde Hickory Brewery, Hickory, NC
For over four decades, Bob Hart has been painstakingly curating Hart Square Village, the largest collection of historical log structures in the United States. A vast majority of the collected buildings & artifacts hail from our area, providing visitors with a glimpse into 19th century life in Catawba County. In support of his dedication and vision, we’ve gotten into the spirit in brewing Cabin Fever, made in collaboration with Hart Square Village. For this historic brown ale, we’re using Tennessee sorghum, Appalachian malt, and heirloom corn grown on-site at Hart Square and stone-ground on the Hicks & Bradshaw grist mill that dates back to 1760.

Guns ‘n’ Rosé

Fruit Beer
6.0% ABV - 38.0 IBU - Oskar Blues Brewery, Longmont, CO
Ale brewed with hibiscus and prickly pear. This rosé style plays off the dry, tart or fruity flavors and the pinkish color of rosé wines


Stout - Foreign / Export
7.0% ABV - 0.0 IBU - Dok Brewing Company, 9000 Gent
Tropical Stout with Ukranian Honey


Belgian Strong Dark Ale
9.0% ABV - 0.0 IBU - Brouwerij Omer Vander Ghinste, Bellegem, Vlaanderen
LeFort is a complex, dark beer of 9° with a sweet and fruity touch. The pale and roasted, dark barley malts give the beer a perfect balance. The beer is lightly flavored with chocolate and caramel and the high fermentation gives a slight fruitiness. This results in a dark beer with a completely unique taste.

Carolina Amber

Extra Special / Strong Bitter
5.5% ABV - 40.0 IBU - Fortnight Brewing and Pub, Cary, NC
Award winning Bronze medal from the 2016 Us Open Beer Championship. Carolina Amber, an ESB style ale. A well balanced, smooth, medium bodied ale with fig and raisin aroma.
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