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The best beer destinations in Europe


If you are a true beer lover you’ll want to visit a country that has good and interesting beers for you to try. So, which countries and cities within Europe should you visit? Where do they have the best beers? As an American craft beer bar in The Netherlands we’ve done our best to select some countries close to home for you based on the best beers for the best price. We hear a road trip coming…

First on the list is Germany. Munich is known for their ‘Oktoberfest’ where millions of liters of beer are consumed. Beer is an important part of the German gastronomy, so what country better to visit than one where beer is embedded in their culture? In Munich drinking a beer is considered a cultural activity… Well beer museum, here we come!

Second on our list is Poland. In Krakow, which is the most visited city in the country, you can find many small independent breweries with quality, unique beers. This is thanks to a little revolution the city has experienced in recent years. You can also find dozens of pubs where you pay very little for beer. Beer in Krakow is less expensive than a glass of water in Paris.

Third, of course, is Ireland. Who doesn’t think of beer when they think of Ireland? St. Patrick’s day, Guinness… do we need to say more? Dublin is the home-base of this famous brewery which you can visit as a traveler.

Last we would recommend you to go just past the Dutch borders: go to Bruges and Brussels in Belgium. Beer is a religion in Bruges. You can taste the white beers of Bruges here, which is a sweet beer. Brussels is the capital of Belgium so you bet that you can find lots of Belgian beers here. You can do a Belgian Beer tasting for example.

So, are you packing your bags already? We can’t wait to visit some of these cities again! Just promise that you’ll visit Brody’s again after your road trip as well. We want to hear all the stories.



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