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The best beer styles for warmer weather


When the sun is shining outside we all know that there is nothing better than an ice-cold beer in our hand. Whether it is on a holiday or in your home country: we appreciate a good, refreshing beer during the spring and summer months. However, not all beer is summer beer. You don’t want a sticky and heavy stout when you’re enjoying yourself in the sun around noon, right? So, what are the best beers for summer?

Pilsners are perfect for this type of weather. Thanks to our friends for the Czech Republic we’ve been drinking this beer for over 100 years. It’s a common style lager that is brewed with pilsner malt. The local pilsner is becoming more and more popular in the craft beer world. It’s familiar and refreshing at the same time. Gose is also a style we love to drink in the summer and spring. It tastes like a day at the beach. It’s brewed with salt (really) and coriander and has a low ABV.

Then, of course,  there is no denying that IPA’s are the go-to beer during these months. IPA’s aren’t always bitter anymore as they used to be. In this era, the IPA’s are fruit-forward, aromatic and refreshing. Besides these styles there are many more that are screaming ‘summer’. Think about blonde ales, Berliner Weisses, and nice tasting ambers. We always have new beers on tap each week, so make sure to ask our bartenders which one is their favorite beer for warmer weather this week.

So, which beer on our menu are you going to try next?

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