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These are the most important IPA styles

These are the most important IPA styles

IPA’s are one of the most popular beer styles. They have a rich history, which started with Britain having emigrants, sailors, and troops all over the world. While India was too warm for brewing, brewers in London started to brew beers with extra hops and higher alcohol levels to preserve the beer for the journey. Nowadays IPA’s aren’t just hoppy and strong anymore. There are so many different tastes to IPA’s. We’ll guide you through the most important styles.  


English IPA

This is the style where it all began. English IPA’s often have a roasty and fruity flavor. Malt often plays the lead role in this. Also they won’t use too much aromatic hop.


American IPA

The American version of the IPA is often brewed with American hops. This leads to a very characteristic hoppy flavor. Malt doesn’t play the lead in this beer style. You could argue that malt is just a small role. Citrus aroma’s and tropical fruits are what you’ll find when drinking this beer style.


Imperial IPA / Dubble IPA

This beer style has two names: The Imperial or the Dubble IPA. This style is often a lot stronger than the ones named above. It also has more hop in it. This might even be the booziest one from the IPA styles, as it’s ABV often is above 7.5%.

Do you want to combine an IPA with food? Try it alongside some spicy flavored curry, blue cheese or a sweet carrot cake.


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