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What are the best winter beer styles?

During a walk outside we can see the foggy cloud of our own breath. There is no denying it anymore: winter has arrived. It is the perfect time to cozy up around a fireplace or meet friends at a warm bar while having some beers. Luckily the good thing about winter is that there are beers made especially for the winter season. So, which beers styles are best for drinking during these winter months?

Of course, we have to start with Winter Warmers. These are malty, sweet ales with a solid malt presence in their body and flavor profile. A lot of breweries create their own version of this typical ‘holiday season’ beer style, such as Anderson Valley’s Winter Solstice or SweetWater’s Festive Ale to name two.

Styles like stouts and porters are also very popular during this months. Logically, because they will leave you with a warm fullness that is perfect for hibernation.

Another technique that is loved by winter brewers is barrel aging. The process of aging in a liquor barrel will result in an oaky flavor which is a well-suited taste for colder months. Finally, we can also say that chocolate and coffee scream ‘winter beers’.

While stouts and porters usually have subtle notes of this in it, many brewers will add extra chocolate and coffee to their brews to make for a heavy and dark flavor when it’s cold outside.

Whatever beer you would pick during the colder months, it is clear that they have one thing in common in most cases: they usually are big and higher alcohol beers.

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